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Carolyn Ann Ryan Photography is North Carolina family and child photographer based in Marvin, NC that specializes in capturing the true sweetness of childhood that can be found in everyday life. “I don’t just aim to make you or your children smile during a portrait session, but also to make you smile nearly every day after simply by glancing at the beautiful prints of your family that will hang on your walls. They’ll make you stop for a moment, take a deep breath, remember that day, and you will smile once again.”

Charlotte Photographer | Do you know that you are loved today?

Happy Valentine’s Day!   I saw a post on twitter this morning that read “Hope that everyone knows they are loved today!”

I believe that everyone has love in their lives – and someone out there, whether you know it or not, someone does loves you.  So, I do hope you know that you are loved today, and hope you can share you heart and smile with the people you love.

I happen to be one of the those people that enjoys Valentine’s Day.  When I was single, my friends and I used it as an excuse to plan parties for everyone that was single (and sometimes a few matches were made at those parties). And then, when I was lucky enough to meet my husband, I enjoyed having simple dates with him at home.  We would typically stay in, and he would cook dinner for me.

And nine years ago today, he asked me to marry him, breaking all my rules and proposing on a holiday – on Valentine’s Day.  I have to admit, it does make today just a little more special.

But my two favorite Valentines are the ones under seven years of age that make lots of noise in my home. They may drive me crazy sometimes, but they also fill my life with laughter and smiles, and I love them more than anything.

So here is a little Valentine video card to share. (And if you forgot to get a card or do something sweet for your Valentine this year, then check out Animoto’s blog post that will solve that problem AND earn you some extra points today. Just find some photos, pick a song from Animoto’s library, and wait for the magic to happen.  Trust me, it’s so much better than waiting in line inside a Hallmark store today).

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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