12 Apr

Irish Dance Photography | Unique Portrait Experience

This Sunday, April 14th, the 2019 World Irish Dancing Championships will begin in Greensboro, NC, at the Koury Convention Center. This is only the third time that the World Championships will be held in the United States, and for all of the Irish Dancers in the USA, but especially for Irish Dancers in the Southern Region, this is a huge deal!

As an Irish Dance parent, I’m beyond thrilled for my daughter to have another opportunity to compete with her team at a World Irish Dancing Championships, and I’m ecstatic for all of the dancers from our school (Connick School of Irish Dance) that will have the chance to compete at this major competition.

As a portrait photographer, I’m so excited to see all of the dancers. I have been mesmerized by the designs, color and sparkle of the Irish dance costumes for years, and photographing Irish Dance Portraits has become a fabulous new passion for me! I can’t help but love the pops of colors and amazing detail in each and every solo dress for the ladies or solo vests/suits for the gentlemen.

I want to take this moment to wish safe travels to all of the families, teachers, dancers, judges and organizers traveling to North Carolina. And I want to extend all of the very best wishes to every dancer joining us for this competition from teams to solos. May each dancer walk off the stages feeling that they danced the best they have danced in their life and that all of their hard work and preparation was shown in their performances! And thanks to every teacher and volunteer that played a part in bringing this competition to North Carolina! We know that there have been countless, unseen hours of work and effort put into bringing this competition to our state, and we hope you get to truly enjoy your efforts this week!

I hope you will enjoy this slideshow of some of my favorite Irish Dance portraits and I’m looking forward to working with more dancers this coming week! There are still portrait session slots available, so don’t miss your chance to book a unique portrait experience with Carolyn Ann Ryan Photography.

I will be available for sessions from April 14 – 17, and my photographer friend and colleague, Words & Pictures by Jeannie DeSena is also available for bookings. If I’m unavailable for your session, please don’t hesitate to give Jeannie a call too.

10 Apr

Charlotte Photographer | National Siblings Day 2019

National Siblings Day is today, April 10th, and I just adore this day. To celebrate holidays such as National Siblings Day, I love going back through my previous client sessions and finding my favorite photographs that best represent the holiday.

For this day, I tried to find the sweetest, cutest and sometimes funniest photographs of siblings together. I love that each of these images reminds me of my childhood and moments with my sister. And I’m always so honored to have been a small part of my tiny clients’ childhood, to create and capture these memories with them.

I hope you enjoy this compilation of sibling photographs, and don’t forget to reach out and call your favorite sibling(s today!

And if you haven’t done a family session in awhile, let’s chat soon and maybe your children will be part of next year’s Siblings slideshow!