12 Jun

Charlotte NC Child Photographer Tiny Tuesday | Proud to be an American

Charlotte NC Child Photographer Tiny Tuesday | Proud to be an American

During Memorial Day weekend, I did a mini Red, White and Blue styled shoot with my little man and I’m highlighting it here today for my Charlotte NC Child Photographer  Tiny Tuesday – Proud to be an American post. When we stepped outside to photograph the session, my son specifically requested that it was just me and him, knowing I had done a session two days earlier with his big sister.

We just went outside our home, across the street, and near the few homes surrounding ours.  We brought his little red wagon, an American Flag for him to hold, and he wanted to bring his favorite teddy bear, Corduroy (named after the Corduroy book series).

He was adorable in his red, white and blue shirt that I found in The Children’s Place a few days earlier.  He was waving his flag and being goofy and a few minutes into the session, I asked him to hug his teddy bear.  The result was the photo below of my sweet, little man kissing his American Flag.

Days later, when finally sitting down to post-process this image, I fell in love with it.  He is my cute boy, so happy to be holding his American Flag.  He is proud of his flag. I’m thankful for all of the men and women that have fought to protect this country, protect us, and protect our freedoms.   This image reminded me that we should all be proud to be Americans. Thanks to my little man for giving me the best reminder of why we celebrate Memorial Day.

Charlotte NC Child Photographer Tiny Tuesday


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