18 May

Scotch Plains, NJ | Favorite Fridays – Irish Dancing {Marie Moore School of Irish Dance}

When my oldest daughter turned 4, we enrolled her in her first dance class. Like many other four year old girls, she began learning ballet and tap.  Every Saturday morning, we would rush to get out of the house early, and she would spend 45 minutes in her dance class.  But I never saw her “practice” her new dance moves at home or rehearse the routines for her recital between classes.  And by the second year, she was seeming less interested in attending dance. I sometimes felt disappointed and wondered if we should continue to enroll her in dance.

Until my sister suggested switching my daughter to Irish Dance.  My two oldest nieces had already been attending classes at the Marie Moore School of Irish Dance in Scotch Plains, and loved their classes.  They were always eager to show us their latest jig or reel, even if we were in public restaurants, shopping malls, or local playgrounds. They would dance just about anywhere. My sister later admitted that she would see them practicing their dances while playing in the outfield in the middle of their softball games.

So, last year, I started my daughter in Marie Moore’s Summer Dance Camp program.  The one full week of morning classes was a fantastic introduction to dance, and a wonderful opportunity for me to see if she was going to enjoy the classes without paying for an entire year.  After just one week, my daughter couldn’t keep her feet still.  She was dancing around our home, our backyard, at daycare, in the supermarket – almost everywhere we went.  She had a smile on her face and she loved to dance. And I love seeing her happy with her new accomplishments and showing us what she has learned.

I was convinced.  We happily signed up for a full year in September. She learned a couple of different dances, and in March we entered her into her very first Feis (Irish Dance Competition).  It was incredible. She had the opportunity to see her cousins dance along with all the experienced dancers, but she also had a chance to compete in her own group.  And she won first place!!!  It was so exciting for all of us.  When they called her number for her medal, my entire family was cheering for her – her little brother, my husband, mom, sister, brother-in-law and nieces were all there to see it!!!  We were so proud of her and she was so proud of herself.

She’s my little Irish Dancer.

It’s so wonderful to be part of the family at the Marie Moore School of Irish Dance. My daughter loves the classes, and I love knowing that she is enjoying herself and that the money for the classes is well spent.

So this week’s Favorite Friday’s blog post is for The Marie Moore School of Irish Dance.

Additionally, they have so graciously offered to provide a free trial dance class for any child that might be considering enrolling.  If you want your child to learn the art of “Riverdance”, then definitely consider the traditional Irish dance classes offered by Marie Moore School of Irish Dance in Scotch Plains and Pennington, NJ.  You can visit their web site or call (908) 322-9099.


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