21 Jan

Fanwood, NJ Children’s Photographer | First Snow Day 2012

After last winter, it’s nice to be excited for snow once again.  This time is was just the perfect amount.  It was easy enough to clean up, but fun enough to let the kids play.

Believe it or not, this was our little guy’s first real time playing in the snow. He’s 2 1/2 years old now, and last year he was either sick for most of the snowstorms, or the snow was too deep to really allow him to go out and enjoy it.  That’s why I’m so excited to share these images, because he just loved playing with his Dad and big sister this morning.  He started out slow, but the smiles quickly turned to giggles as he played and tackled Daddy.

Our daughter had a brief timeout on the front steps for throwing a snowball down her brother’s neck.  As a parent, I hate these moments when we spoil the fun, but the photographer in me just had to capture it.  Honestly, I love the image, and she laughed later when she saw it. Don’t worry, it was a super short timeout and she quickly got back into the fun.  I turned to catch her sneakily tasting the snow and I loved the series of smiles and giggles.  Do you remember being 6 years old and eating handfuls of snow?

After a few more snowballs and smiles, it was time for me to put the camera away inside and really join in the fun – and yes we had a mini-snowball fight.

If you had snow this weekend, I hope you were able to enjoy it as much as we did.  Stay safe and enjoy this cozy weekend.

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