27 Feb

Charlotte, NC Family Portrait Photographer | Tiny Little Ones

Charlotte, NC Family Portrait Photographer | Tiny Little Ones

One of my favorite parts of being a Charlotte, NC Family Portrait Photographer is capturing tiny little ones in their first few days. This time I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph the children of one of my oldest and dearest friends. Nothing makes me smile more than seeing my friends so happy with their beautiful families. I had a smile on my face just packing up my car heading over to meet their new little man and being so excited to congratulate the new big sister. And she just loves her little brother, and that is exactly how she introduces him and talks about him, just simply “little brother”.

Precious beyond words.



Charlotte, NC Family Portrait Photographer photographs tiny little ones

14 Feb

Charlotte Photographer | Do you know that you are loved today?

Happy Valentine’s Day!   I saw a post on twitter this morning that read “Hope that everyone knows they are loved today!”

I believe that everyone has love in their lives – and someone out there, whether you know it or not, someone does loves you.  So, I do hope you know that you are loved today, and hope you can share you heart and smile with the people you love.

I happen to be one of the those people that enjoys Valentine’s Day.  When I was single, my friends and I used it as an excuse to plan parties for everyone that was single (and sometimes a few matches were made at those parties). And then, when I was lucky enough to meet my husband, I enjoyed having simple dates with him at home.  We would typically stay in, and he would cook dinner for me.

And nine years ago today, he asked me to marry him, breaking all my rules and proposing on a holiday – on Valentine’s Day.  I have to admit, it does make today just a little more special.

But my two favorite Valentines are the ones under seven years of age that make lots of noise in my home. They may drive me crazy sometimes, but they also fill my life with laughter and smiles, and I love them more than anything.

So here is a little Valentine video card to share. (And if you forgot to get a card or do something sweet for your Valentine this year, then check out Animoto’s blog post that will solve that problem AND earn you some extra points today. Just find some photos, pick a song from Animoto’s library, and wait for the magic to happen.  Trust me, it’s so much better than waiting in line inside a Hallmark store today).

Happy Valentine’s Day!

13 Feb

Run with me to DE-FEET Breast Cancer in Mama Mare Foundation’s Annual 5K

Mama Mare Breast Cancer Foundation’s 2nd Annual De-FEET Breast Cancer 5K Run/Walk!!
Saturday, March 24th 2012, 9:30 AM
Lake Como, NJ!

These days, it’s nearly impossible to not know someone that has been impacted by Breast Cancer.  And while there are thankfully many encouraging stories of those who have survived and beaten breast cancer due to early detection and treatments, there are so many other heartbreaking stories of mothers, daughters, nieces, aunts, cousins, grandmothers and more that did not win their battles.

It’s one of my biggest fears as a woman, especially being a mother to little ones.  So, that’s why I’m organizing a team for the Mama Mare Breast Cancer Foundation’s 2nd Annual De-Feet Breast Cancer 5K in Lake Como, NJ on Saturday, March 24, 2012 at 9:30 am.

I’ve created a team that will be sponsored by Carolyn Ann Ryan Photography to encourage others to join me in raising money to help defeat breast cancer.

The first 20 members to register for the race and join my team will receive a $50 print credit to be used towards a print order for a future session with Carolyn Ann Ryan Photography.  Additionally, any team member that also raises more than $100 for the team fundraiser will also receive a $50 print credit.  Additional details included below.

If you would like to join my team: click here to register for the Race under the Carolyn Ann Ryan Photography  for De-Feet Breast Cancer.

Please join me on March 24th and help the Mama Mare Breast Cancer Foundation and Robert Wood Johnson Hospital defeat Breast Cancer.

And because a blog post just isn’t the same without some photographs, here is a collage of some amazing women (clients, family and friends) and the people who love them.


Print Credit details: There is no cash value for the print credits.  Print credits  can be applied towards print orders from future sessions and can not be applied towards a previous print order. Print credits will expire on December 31, 2013. Print credits may only be used for sessions within a one hour driving distance from Westfield, NJ or a travel charge may apply.

08 Feb

Charlotte, North Carolina Family Photographer | Childhood with a Pinch of Burberry

Charlotte, North Carolina Family Photographer | Childhood with a Pinch of Burberry

While I love meeting new clients and families, it is always such a thrill to photograph returning clients.  It’s even better when those clients start to feel like old friends and they make me feel like a part of their family.  I’m so grateful for the day I met this wonderful family and for being included in their lives.  I have had the pleasure of capturing adorable moments with their little boy multiple times, and he just gets cuter and cuter every time I see him.  They really are some of the sweetest and happiest people I know, and I find that I can’t stop smiling and laughing when I’m with them.

This session was our first completely outdoor session.  Of course, the original session date was scheduled for the day after the late October snowstorm in New York.  Needless to say, we rescheduled for a better day, and we couldn’t have asked for better weather.   It was absolutely gorgeous and Historic Richmondtown in Staten Island made the perfect backdrop for our afternoon together.

And when you mix this adorable little man with his super-cute Burberry coordinated sweater and jeans, the end result is just really stinkin’ cute.


Charlotte, North Carolina Family Photographer shares photographs highlighting Childhood with a Pinch of BurberryCharlotte, North Carolina Family Photographer Carolyn Ann Ryan photographs sweet family in classic styles

07 Feb

Advice (for First Timers) for Enjoying and Having a Productive Time at WPPI

Last year was the first time I attended WPPI, and it was an amazing experience.  There were so many valuable things that I gained from just that one trip.

WPPI is valuable for so many things: Education, Finding Vendors at the Tradeshow, and Networking were the biggest three for me.

Some of the advice you’ll hear about WPPI includes wearing comfortable shoes, because there is so much more walking than you might actually anticipate and don’t forget to bring a ton of business cards – both for networking but also for contests during the platform presentations.  But here are a couple of things that I did last year that really helped me get the most out of the experience, and hopefully these tips will help you as well.

Platform Classes – Planning and Pre-Boarding

Class Selection – There are so many amazing classes to choose from and it might be difficult to choose what is best for you, especially when just scanning the list and trying to choose between two speakers that you would love to see that are speaking at the same time.  Last year, my husband helped me select classes by helping me choose what my two biggest goals were and focusing on what I really needed to learn.  For me, last year, it was Marketing and Selling.  Keeping that objective in mind, I was more focused with my class selection, and ensured that at least 3 of my 5 pre-boards covered those areas.

Pre-Boarding – Many classes do completely sell out in advance and others will get filled quickly on the day of the session.  I was surprised that some people did not pre-board for their classes.  Trust me; it’s definitely the best way to go.  But even with pre-boarding, you should still plan to arrive early. If you sit near the front, you might have a better chance to be seen when asking a question, and it might even help your odds at winning the giveaways. And some speakers will giveaway items to the first X attendees. You don’t want to miss out on something valuable that is free just for being early.

 Tradeshow – Planning Ahead

Map Your Route – There are a ton of vendors and last year the tradeshow filled two huge conference areas.  You likely won’t be able to stop at every booth, so it can be helpful to have a plan, so you don’t miss out on seeing a vendor that was important to you.  Try to grab a copy of the floor plan in the magazine when you arrive, and spend some time mapping out your plan for the tradeshow.  It may even be helpful for you to scan the exhibitor list on the WPPI web site, and make a list of the important vendors for you to see.  Ultimately, you want to map your route through the tradeshow floor to help you maximize your time with each vendor and ensure that you don’t miss something that was important to you.

Budget – there are many things to buy while you are at the show, so it might also be valuable for you to determine your budget in advance. Some of the show specials can be tempting so know what is most important to you before you leave for your trip, and stay focused on any purchases you make.

Show Specials – I also suggest using twitter to follow your important vendors. Many will announce show specials or contests in advance through Twitter, and these  specials might be better on the first day of the tradeshow. You can get the most benefit from those show specials but ensuring you visit those vendors on the first day. And who doesn’t love winning a Twitter contest or two by answering a question or being the next person to arrive at a booth and snagging a great prize?

Meet Your Vendors – when you stop at the vendor booths, especially for suppliers that you already use, make a point to introduce yourself and get to know them.  It can often be more fun working with a vendor when you know them personally, and you know that your business is important to them. Sometimes you won’t just meet staff at the tradeshow, but you get to meet the owners. Ask for their advice on products or if they have seen others use their products in unique ways. They have experience in our industry and many want to help their clients build and grow their business.

 Networking – Don’t Just Trade Business Cards

When I went to Las Vegas, I knew only a very small handful of photographers personally, and had interacted with others via forums online.  I remember one night feeling a little out of place, missing home, and just wishing I had more photographer friends. I had met a few people that day, but nobody that I could call and meet for the evening out.

But a friend I knew in advance called and invited me to join her and a larger group for dinner.  I almost didn’t go and that would have been a huge mistake. I had a wonderful time. Most of us were newbies at WPPI, and many of us were in the first year or so of launching our businesses or just getting ready to launch.

There were 3 or 4 tables of people, but I happened to be sitting with a few women that seemed just like me – in similar life situations – and we all really clicked. We broke the ice with a really good conversation about Slotocash. I exchanged business cards with many of the group members and spent time over the next few days bumping into them, attending other events with them, and going to dinner with them.

But the best part? I didn’t let the relationships end in Vegas.  When I arrived back home, I looked at the stack of business cards I gathered, and decided to create my own group on Facebook for photographers. We created a group that fosters positive feedback and helpful advice.  But it also helped us maintain the friendships we made. Some of us have seen each other in the last year, and we also started a monthly skype call for whoever is available. I can’t wait to see my friends again this year at WPPI. We are organizing our own group breakfast, and getting to know other members that have been added to our crew over this last year.

I don’t know if I could have made it through this last year in business without these friendships I have made. After I left my full-time job last April, this group became my “co-workers” in a sense, and they have given me strength, advice, and guidance to help me grow my business, and I can only hope that I have done the same for them.

So my best advice for heading to WPPI for this year is “don’t just gather a stack of business cards, but aim to gather and create real relationships and friendships”.

I hope you find this information useful and I look forward to meeting you in Vegas at WPPI.


03 Feb

Charlotte, North Carolina Family Photographer | Favorite Fridays – Displaying Photographs in Your Home

Charlotte, North Carolina Family Photographer | Favorite Fridays – Displaying Photographs in Your Home

Today’s Favorite Friday blog share is about one of my favorite things to do – helping my clients decide how to display their new family photographs in their home.  While I love photographing families and capturing wonderful moments and memories for my clients, I also absolutely love when my clients choose to display the images from those sessions in their home.

Did you know that displaying family photographs in your home can help improve a child’s self-confidence by giving them a sense of belonging?  Being a mother, that is almost reason enough for me.  But I also believe that adding family photographs to your walls adds a natural warmth to your home, and also just makes you smile more from glancing at the sweetness of the moments we captured that day.  Who couldn’t use a few extra smiles each day?

But I often find that my clients are not sure how to display these images in their home, and have difficulty deciding what to order on their own.  That is why I meet with all of my clients just a few weeks after their session for an ordering consultation, and I bring customized ideas for the best ways to display the images from their sessions on their walls.

Here are just a few examples of the beautiful gallery-wrapped canvas cluster ideas I have prepared for my clients.  There are many more options and layouts, and I would love a chance to work with your family to add happiness and warmth to your walls and home.

Charlotte, North Carolina Family Photographer demonstrates ways to display family photographs in your home



03 Feb

Charlotte, NC Photographer | Sneak Peeks – The M Family

Charlotte, NC Photographer | Sneak Peeks – The M Family

Just wanted to share how I spent my afternoon at work today.  How was your day?

I am so thankful and grateful for moments like these. If your job didn’t make you smile today, then hopefully these images and this adorable little man will bring a smile to your face.


Charlotte, NC Photographer | Sneak Peeks - The M Family