19 Mar

Waxhaw, NC Children’s Photographer | I Am Baby

Waxhaw, NC Children’s Photographer | I Am Baby

What an amazing weekend in NJ!  We had a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day that included a visit with some wonderful friends and their sweet little boys. Our kids had a great time and they were all so cute, I couldn’t put the camera down. At one point, my little guy was chatting with his “Aunt” Jen about being friends and said, “No, we’re not friends, we’re just family.” I think he melted her heart.

While running around the yard, I couldn’t stop photographing these gorgeous blue eyes from this one year old little man. And once the day was over, I couldn’t wait to create the slideshow below!

16 Mar

Engaging Charlotte, NC HS Senior Portraits | Lifestyle Session – Feminine and Edgy

Engaging Charlotte, NC HS Senior Portraits | Lifestyle Session – Feminine and Edgy

Here are sneak peeks from a wonderful lifestyle session with Cassie yesterday in Fanwood, NJ.  When I asked Cassie to describe her style before the session she used both feminine and edgy, and she was right.  I absolutely loved her outfits and her fun attitude and sweet smile matched perfectly!

Enjoy and many more to come!

07 Mar

Charlotte, NC | Guest Blog: What My Family Portraits Mean To Me One Year Later – A Mom’s Review

Charlotte, NC | Guest Blog: What My Family Portraits Mean To Me One Year Later – A Mom’s Review

Last night, I received the most amazing email from a client (and good friend) about the portrait session we did for her family last year when her youngest son was born. She wrote a detailed note describing what the portraits from her session have meant to her over this past year. I was in tears at the end of her note.  My goal as a photographer isn’t just to make you smile during your session, but to make you smile nearly everyday after just by glancing at the photos that hang in your home.  I know this feeling for myself, and I always aim to provide images to my clients that will make them feel the same way.

There is nothing better than knowing that your wishes and goals for what you hope to provide to your clients have come true.  Here is a note from Jen:

“I walked past my sons’ playroom and I smiled today.  A year ago, my dear friend, Carolyn, came over to take pictures of our family with our newest addition.   A few of the most meaningful images now hang in my playroom in a canvas cluster.

What strikes me now is not how much those pictures remind me of the past, but the reminder of all the moments that have taken place between then and now.  So much has changed, but those pictures also reveal pieces of my kids’ personality that are still true now.

Charlotte, NC Photographer receives letter from Mom describing what her Family Portraits mean to her

This beautiful boy has always had a “thing” with his pointer fingers.  He points at things before he clutches them in his little hands.  At 13 months, he points at every piece of cereal before he eats it.  This picture reminds me that characteristic was a part of him even when his age was only measured in days.



Charlotte, NC | Guest Blog: What My Family Portraits Mean To Me One Year Later - A Mom's Review My older son lost his first tooth 2 months before this picture was taken (on Thanksgiving).  I love that I’m reminded of that milestone when I look at this picture.



Charlotte, NC Guest Blog:  A Mom's Review of her Family Portrait PhotographerHe lost his first top tooth a year after this picture was taken, and I have to say I’m grateful to have some great shots of him before his smile was changed forever.


But even more than the precious milestones and memories, there are new moments created by these photos.  My older son glanced up at the photo below and said, “Mommy is that your hand holding Owen’s?”  And I said, “No, honey.  That’s your hand holding your brother’s.”

Charlotte, NC Family Photographer - big brother and little brother handsI explained to him that they would always have each other.  It was probably the first time they held hands, but metaphorically it’s just the beginning.  To a stranger, it’s just two hands, but to me it’s the early moments of a lifetime bond.

This art is more meaningful to me than anything an artist could paint.   These photos make me smile everyday, and no matter how busy things get they remind me of what’s really important.

Thank you, Carolyn, for lending me your talent and your vision!  Your work means so much to so many people!”

 I absolutely loved reading Jen’s note, and it completely warmed my heart.   As she notes, life is busy.  I simply hope to provide images that will make you stop for a moment and remember.  I’m so thrilled that I could give that to Jen.

Thanks for reading!


02 Mar

Charlotte, North Carolina – Mom Reviews – LeapPad and Mr. Pencil

Charlotte, North Carolina – Mom Reviews – LeapPad and Mr. Pencil

Today’s Favorite Friday share is about a product that hopefully everyone can find now since it’s long after Christmas. Like many other parents, I searched for weeks to get LeapPads for my children for Christmas. I wanted to get one for my 6 year old daughter, and therefore we made a decision to purchase one for my son who was just over 2 1/2 years old at Christmas.  The decision to buy one for the little guy was primarily to avoid fights and disputes over having a single LeapPad with two children.

Luckily, they came in two different colors and I happily was able to find both in time for the Christmas.  It was no surprise that the children loved this present, and that they have enjoyed many hours playing with their LeapPads. I love the educational aspect of the games, but the best benefit has just started to emerge.

While I thought the LeapPad and games would be too advanced for my little guy, he quickly picked up pace on learning how to use various games and apps and how to use a stylus.  He plays with the pet, but he really enjoyed the Mr. Pencil game that came as part of the bundled we purchased. Mr. Pencil teaches children to write their letters prompting them to “draw a line from here to here” and will ask them to repeat the step until they get it complete, and then will move on to another part of writing that letter.  The little guy actually struggled with this quite a bit in the early weeks and we often had to help him draw the simple straight lines with the stylus.

But just two months later, and he can write every letter of the alphabet by himself on the LeapPad and isn’t happy until he has completed an entire exercise of upper and lowercase letters along with numbers.  It’s quite impressive and he LOVES doing it. He still isn’t 3 years old yet, and I’m curious to see how this letter writing will translate on paper, but it’s definitely a great headstart.

Just want to say thanks to LeapFrog and the LeapPad game developers for creating a toy that encourages learning and skills that children need.

Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!