30 Sep

Charlotte, NC Family Photography | Brother and Sister

Charlotte, NC Family Photography | Brother & Sister

Things that go perfectly together – warm sunlight, green grass and leaves that are starting to fall and a family portrait session to bring everything together – sounds like a perfect day to me.

I love the closeness and playfulness of this adorable brother and sister.  You can tell that they adore each other and are truly best friends.

While I love images of giggly little ones (and we had a bunch of these), sometimes I am absolutely drawn to the simplicity of a quiet image like that the close-up of their sweet little girl.  The combination of her beautiful eyelashes and gorgeous little curls sparkling in the afternoon sunshine is mesmerizing.  Makes you want to linger in a peaceful, quiet moment.



Charlotte, NC Family Photography by Carolyn Ann Ryan

Charlotte, NC Family Photographer Carolyn Ann Ryan

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