28 Jul

Darling Charlotte, NC Child Portraits – Growing

Darling Charlotte, NC Child Portraits – Growing

Do you wonder what your little one will be when he/she grows up? How will their mannerisms and qualities change when they are not so little anymore. I often think about that as I look through the lens at the little personalities jumping and playing around right in front of me. This little one was incredible to watch, as she playfully grasped at her dress one minute and then the next minute looked inquisitively at the colors jumping off the pages of her books. Through the wardrobe changes and the images we captured with only a diaper cover, I was filled with happiness as I watched this little girl show us her stuff – the big beautiful smiles seem to pop off her face, even the ones with the two little teeth peeking through. 🙂

Darling Charlotte, NC Child Portraits by Carolyn Ann Ryan of a 1st brithday portrait session in her studio 1st birthday portrait session photographed by Charlotte, NC child photographer Carolyn Ann Ryan Charlotte, NC Child photographer Carolyn Ann Ryan photographs a 1 year old in darling first birthday portrait session



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