07 Jun

North Carolina Family Photographer | Walking in the Rain {The Promise Walk for Preeclampsia – Cranford, NJ}

North Carolina Family Photographer | Walking in the Rain {The Promise Walk for Preeclampsia – Cranford, NJ}

About a month or so ago, I received a Facebook message from a friend letting me know that The Promise Walk for Preeclampsia was looking for a photographer to photograph their event.  Now, I specialize in family portrait sessions, and not event photography, so I initially wasn’t inclined to reach out.  Plus, I already had a session booked that weekend, and so this would mean more time away from my family.  My promise to my children is that while I do work most weekends, I will only book one session per weekend, so the other day is for them.

But then I remembered the reason my friend was involved with the Preeclampsia Foundation.  Sadly, she had Preeclampsia during her first pregnancy years ago, and she nearly lost her own life, and she did lose her little baby girl. Remembering her email that explained what happened to her that horrible day when she was about 8 months along in an uncomplicated pregnancy, broke my heart all over again.  And while she now has 3 adorable boys, her heart will never forget her baby girl.  And so I reached out to the Foundation, and I agreed to be their photographer for the day, because it was just something I had to do.

It turned out to be an incredibly inspiring day, and I met a ton of wonderful people, who smiled despite the torrential rain, and who cried together as we listened to the stories from the speakers.  I learned more about the symptoms of Preeclampsia, which every pregnant woman should know, and I learned about the life of Lauren Bloomstein, a sweet woman who lost her life to Preeclampsia after delivering her beautiful baby girl.  I now want to be more involved with this organization, and I hope to be available and invited back for future walks.  And I continue to pray for the families that have been impacted by Preeclampsia, and I hope to help spread awareness to help save lives.

I created this slideshow with my favorite images from the day and shared it with the race organizers.  I invite you to take a couple of minutes to watch, and also ask that you learn more about Preeclampsia and its symptoms from the Preeclampsia Foundation.

The Promise Walk for Preeclampsia – Cranford has raised nearly $50,000 for this cause and I know they were hoping to raised another $500 to reach that $50,000 goal.  If this slideshow and the stories inspire you, and you would like to donate, you can do so by clicking here.  Thank you for your time.

PS – One of my favorite parts of the day was meeting a mother who told her little girl that they weren’t just walking in the rain that day – they were going “puddle jumping” instead.  She turned the rain into rainbows for her daughter and everyone else that got to chuckle while watching that sweet girl have a blast jumping in every puddle she found.  And yes, you can find the adorable “puddle jumper” in the slideshow.

Hope she brings a smile to you on this rainy day.