27 Sep

Waxhaw, NC Child Portraits | All Smiles

Waxhaw, NC Child Portraits | All Smiles

Have you ever seen a photo of your children that you just kept going back to look at it over and over because you loved it so much?  A photo that just makes you smile really big everytime you see it?  You know, the photo that makes you stop and say to yourself – “Wow, these guys are mine and I love them so much!  They may drive me nuts sometimes, but just look at them, they are awesome.”

Sometimes, all it takes is just one image to give you that feeling, and I was so happy to capture that one image for myself this weekend.

These guys love to run. They squeal and giggle as they are running, and I think this image just shows my munchkin and pumpkin at their best – happy together.

This is why I do what I do. Because, sometimes, you get a picture that will just make you smile everytime you see it.  I love when it happens for me, but I also really do love when it happens for my clients, too.  There will be more to share from this session, but for now, here was favorite.

Waxhaw, NC Child Portraits - All Smiles

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