10 Dec

Waxhaw, North Carolina Family Photographer | Childhood Enclosed

Waxhaw, North Carolina Family Photographer

Wow, it’s been over two months since I have had an opportunity to blog my family portrait sessions and I have a long list of sessions to add to the blog!  It’s been a busy holiday season, and I’m so grateful for all of my wonderful and amazing clients!

So, now we are jumping all the way back to August to begin a marathon of family portrait session blog posts!

This sweet family requested a downtown session right in the beautiful town of Basking Ridge.  I absolutely loved having an opportunity to just wander up and down the main street and find different backdrops and settings for creating family images.  After walking up and down the main road, we ventured off to a side road and down to an open park area to complete the session.  This sweet little girl loved being photographed and might just be a model someday! She has sweet eyes and a beautiful smile, and I just loved her dress, side-ponytail, and the beautiful blue ribbon with her curls.  OK, so maybe I just loved everything about this session.  And I hope do you as well.

This is the perfect way to kick-off the upcoming marathon of blogs and family photos!  Enjoy!

Family Photographer, Carolyn Ann Ryan captures portraits in Basking Ridge

Family Portrait Session in Basking Ridge, NJ

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