26 Jan

Charlotte, NC Photographer | You Can’t Win, If You Don’t Try

Charlotte, NC Photographer | You Can’t Win, If You Don’t Try

Last year, while I was attending WPPI in Las Vegas, Animoto was sponsoring the “Animoto Pro Success Story Contest”. All you had to do was swing by the booth and answer a few questions on video about how you use and why you love Animoto, and one person would be chosen to be featured in an Animoto ad.  I had been using Animoto to create slideshows for my clients for about one year, and they always did such an outstanding job helping to convey the emotions and story behind every session. In fact, it wasn’t uncommon for a Mom to tell me that it brought her to tears (or her parents, her husband, her neighbors, or her friends).

The contest itself sounded very cool, and although I figured a bunch of awesome and amazing photographers would be lining up for this opportunity, I decided to take a chance.  Who knows, right?  You definitely can’t win if you don’t at least try, and the opportunity sounded so exciting.

A few months later, I received a phone call from Animoto that I had been chosen to be featured in an ad that would run in Rangefinder and Professional Photograph magazines!  Are you kidding me?  Their ads so far have featured Kevin Kubota, Vicki Taufer, Scott Bourne, Jeff & Allison Rodgers and so many other wonderful people in the photography industry. And now I could count myself among them? Really?

It took time for me to believe it was really true.  We spent some time discussing the plan for the shoot and Animoto’s own Justin Camerer (photographer & software developer) agreed to do the session right in Animoto’s offices.  The tech geek in me (that spent 11 years doing software design) was really excited to visit Animoto’s offices and get to know their amazing team. In all honesty, if I still worked in Technology, I would want to work with these guys.

One of the things I love about Animoto isn’t just their awesome slideshows, but I love working with vendors that support photographers and provide education for our industry. And everyone I’ve met from Animoto has been incredible. Their slideshows have amazed my clients, and I still get so excited each time I click the button to produce a new slideshow.

I’m so excited to share a few images from the photo shoot and announce that the ad was published in Rangefinder and Professional Photographer magazine this January.  I’m so grateful to Animoto for this opportunity and can’t believe my name is listed in the drop-down on their site along with a ton of top photographers that I admire. Thank you!

Special thanks to Justin Camerer for the portraits and Lindsey Jones for hair/make-up. I loved working with both of you!

Charlotte, NC Photographer shares that you Can't Win, If You Don't Try

3 thoughts on “Charlotte, NC Photographer | You Can’t Win, If You Don’t Try

  1. Congratulations, Carolyn! – Parabéns, Carolyn!
    I’m proud of you! – Eu fico orgulhoso por você!
    I remember when I asked you how you made films so great and you mentioned the Animoto! – Lembro quando perguntei à você como você fazia filmes tão legais e você mencionou o Animoto!
    It was right after you won a Canon camera of photographer Scott Bourne, am I right? – Foi logo depois que você ganhou uma câmera Canon do fotografo Scott Bourne, estou certo?
    I wish every success in the world for you and your photos! – Desejo todo o sucesso do mundo para você e suas fotos!
    A hug from Brazil to you! – Um abraço do Brasil para você!

    Luiz Carlos – Londrina-Paraná

  2. Hi Carolyn! I first saw you on Creative Live (was is Tamara’s class?), and since then I have followed you on FB.. almost feel like I know you! I too am a software designer turned portrait photographer (after 2 kids), still ramping up my business, but it is very encouraging to watch you do so well! Congratulations to you, I can only imagine what a thrill this all is!!! Best of luck!!
    Kathy Cassens

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