30 Sep

Charlotte, NC Family Photography | Brother and Sister

Charlotte, NC Family Photography | Brother & Sister

Things that go perfectly together – warm sunlight, green grass and leaves that are starting to fall and a family portrait session to bring everything together – sounds like a perfect day to me.

I love the closeness and playfulness of this adorable brother and sister.  You can tell that they adore each other and are truly best friends.

While I love images of giggly little ones (and we had a bunch of these), sometimes I am absolutely drawn to the simplicity of a quiet image like that the close-up of their sweet little girl.  The combination of her beautiful eyelashes and gorgeous little curls sparkling in the afternoon sunshine is mesmerizing.  Makes you want to linger in a peaceful, quiet moment.



Charlotte, NC Family Photography by Carolyn Ann Ryan

Charlotte, NC Family Photographer Carolyn Ann Ryan

26 Sep

Classic Marvin, NC Family Portraits| Extended Family Celebrations

Classic Marvin, NC Family Portraits | Extended Family Celebrations

Could you imagine a better gift for a 40th wedding anniversary?  Three thoughtful sisters wanted to provide their parents with beautiful images of the entire family together – parents, children and grandchildren all together.  I love these sessions, because this is what family is all about.   It is so important to have these images.  While Grandma and her girls will treasure these images today, they will also create beautiful treasured gifts for the three little ones in front in another 40 years.


 Classic Marvin, NC Family Portraits of an extended family for an anniversary celebration




Marvin, North Carolina Classic Extended Family Portrait Session



12 Sep

Marvin, NC Child Photographer | Matilda Jane’s Paint By Numbers Collection

Marvin, NC Child Photographer | Matilda Jane’s Paint By Numbers Collection

Specialty girl’s clothing company, Matilda Jane Clothing, recently released their second line from the Paint By Numbers Collection, and I had a special opportunity to both preview the entire line at a local trunk show, as well as photograph my 8 year old daughter in a special outfit for the company.

The first thing I love about Matilda Jane’s outfits in this collection is the playfulness of the patterns and colors.  There is so much that you can mix and match with these outfits, and the color combinations are adorable.  As per the company’s web site, Matilda Jane Clothing is “all about keeping a little girl…a little girl. Keeping her youthful. Keeping her spinning and twirling and carefree. And most importantly, bringing her happiness.”  That is exactly what happened when I put one of these outfits on my own 8 year old daughter and took her to a local park for a quick portrait session.  She was carefree, giggly, happy, and I believe she felt as adorable as she looked.

The material is very high quality and the designs are cut beautifully, and the size 6 fit my little munchkin perfectly.  I can’t say that happens often when shopping at local chain clothing stores.   (And yes, my daughter is 8 years old and wearing a size 6.  She’s the perfect candidate for the nickname “Pint Size”.)

Featured in the images below is my daughter wearing the Atmosphere Dress with Arrow Wood Bennys and the Plum Kitten Cardigan.   I must admit that after my outfit arrived, I loved it so much, that I visited a local trunk show hosted by another local photographer and friend, and I couldn’t resist ordering another dress and matching headband (that can also be used as a belt with the dress) to add to my new collection. And I also found a sweater for myself too!  I can’t wait for our order to arrive.

If you are interested it placing an order for your little girl, visit Matilda Jane’s web site to find a local trunk keeper near you by clicking here.


North CarolinaChild Photographer, Carolyn Ann Ryan, photographs child wearing Matilda Jane outfit from the Paint By Numbers Collection NC Child Photographer photographs child for Matilda Jane Clothing Company

09 Sep

Charlotte, NC Newborn and Family Photographer | Tiny Little Ones

Charlotte, NC Newborn and Family Photographer | Tiny Little Ones

It may have been a rainy and cloudy day outside, but inside this adorable home we found sunshine, smiles and an incredibly sweet and beautiful family as they welcome their beautiful new daughter into their home.  These images will absolutely bring a smile to your day.

I love photographing babies, but love it even more when I have the chance to photograph a beautiful mother that is just completely mesmerized by the cuteness of her tiny baby.  These are moments that melt my heart.

Enjoy! And Happy September!


Newborn Portrait Photography in Charlotte NC Charlotte, North Carolina Newborn Photography

06 Sep

Charlotte, NC Pet Photographer | Family Moments

Charlotte, NC Pet Photographer | Family Moments

You have to love a family that loves their pets.  Meet Whiskey and Moonshine.  They came from a rescue home in Tennessee.  They may be fully grown, but they are still just puppies at one year old.  They are beautiful and sweet dogs and are treasured members of their family.  When asked if we could include them in the session, I absolutely agreed.

We had a gorgeous afternoon at their home and in Watchung Reservation.  Hope these adorable puppies bring a smile to your day.


Charlotte, NC Pet Photographer, Carolyn Ann Ryan, photographers a portrait session Carolyn Ann Ryan photographs and family with their two golden retrievers for a family portrait session in Charlotte, NC

04 Sep

Weddington, North Carolina Child Photographer | Growing

Weddington, North Carolina Child Photographer | Growing

A few weeks ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph one of my 2012 newborn clients for his first birthday!  I just love watching my little clients grow and photographing them with their families.  This one year old man was just adorable and astounded us with all his words and we loved watching him walk, giggle, and play with his parents.  And seriously, how adorable is his tuxedo shirt?


Weddington, North Carolina Child Photographer Carolyn Ann Ryan photographs an adorable little man Weddington, North Carolina Child and Family Photographer Carolyn Ann Ryan captures portraits of an adorable family Weddington, North Carolina Child Photographer Carolyn Ann Ryan