07 Nov

Vintage Charlotte, North Carolina Extended Family Portrait Session | Props!

Vintage Charlotte, North Carolina Extended Family Portrait Session | Props!

This vintage Charlotte, North Carolina extended family session is special for two reasons.  First, I love when extended families get together and share the love and second, I absolutely love and appreciate when they bring props!!!  Working with props is always fun, it not only helps me understand their personality but it just brings a great energy to the session.  These hats are the perfect example!  The kids had such a great time and their own creativity just shined through as well.  One of my favorite images is the tango, and it’s even better because it was THEIR idea!!!  I love when the kids join in and help plan the photographs, because then their smiles are just that much bigger in the images!


Vintage Charlotte, North Carolina Extended Family Portrait Session Extended Family Portraits by North Carolina Family Photographer Carolyn Ann Ryan

26 Sep

Classic Marvin, NC Family Portraits| Extended Family Celebrations

Classic Marvin, NC Family Portraits | Extended Family Celebrations

Could you imagine a better gift for a 40th wedding anniversary?  Three thoughtful sisters wanted to provide their parents with beautiful images of the entire family together – parents, children and grandchildren all together.  I love these sessions, because this is what family is all about.   It is so important to have these images.  While Grandma and her girls will treasure these images today, they will also create beautiful treasured gifts for the three little ones in front in another 40 years.


 Classic Marvin, NC Family Portraits of an extended family for an anniversary celebration




Marvin, North Carolina Classic Extended Family Portrait Session



15 May

Charlotte, NC Family Photographer | Extended Family

Charlotte, NC Family Photographer | Extended Family

I believe in family portraits and I love, love, love getting parents into the photographs with their children – regardless of the age of the children. Therefore extended family portraits have an absolutely special place in my heart!

I was so excited when my client booked this portrait session with her sister as a gift for their Mom. We now have all of Mom’s loved ones in one photograph, along with many others to complement and surround her full family portrait.

The family did an amazing job with color coordinating their outfits for the session after our consultation. When I arrived, I was so excited to pair their style with the beautiful morning light and the leaves that were just starting to appear on the trees in the park.

But would you be believe it was just 40 degrees that April morning! It was quite the chilly start to our day! We rotated family members in and out of the portraits so they could each put their jackets on for a few minutes and keep warm!  But you would never know looking at the smiles on their faces how cold it was that day!  I think they were just so happy to spend a weekend together.

The entire family was just wonderful.  Everyone needs a beautiful full family portrait with grandparents, parents and children all together!


Extended Family Portrait Session by Charlotte, NC Family Photographer Carolyn Ann Ryan Charlotte, NC Family Photographer captures extended family portraits for Spring