31 Jan

Charlotte, North Carolina Children’s Photographer | Tiny Tuesday – Expect the Unexpected

Charlotte, North Carolina Children’s Photographer | Tiny Tuesday – Expect the Unexpected

What happens when you ask two adorable little girls to gather a pile of leaves and throw them in the air?   Sometimes, even the subjects in your photograph don’t know what to expect next.

I loved everything about this session with these two beautiful little girls.  The older sister has such a gorgeous smile, beautiful eyes, and she just seems to light up in front of the camera. The younger sister is full of spirit, energy, and a complete bundle of fun!

I also loved the colors here – their mom did a fantastic job with these adorable outfits. While the outfits are completely different, the colors pair nicely together and just pop against our late Fall backdrop.

So, these adorable girls gathered their leaves as requested, and stood really close together ready to toss them into the air.  The older one threw her pile up in the air immediately after the first image was shot and honestly before I was completely ready.

But the little one waited just a few seconds more and tossed her pile a little lower (therefore partially in her big sister’s face) – catching her sister completely off guard.  And then, this little munchkin was so excited with the leaves raining on their heads that she just starting giggling and running circles around her big sister.

The bottom picture captures a moment of sheer happiness and also one of surprise.  What I love most about the images though is how much they made their Mom giggle when we sat down to review them together.  Even to this day, everytime she sees that second image, she chuckles remembering the moment.  We didn’t expect what happened, but it makes us both smile (and laugh) to remember that feeling of happiness.


Charlotte, North Carolina Children's Photographer  shares Fall Foliage portraits with children

30 Jan

Marvin, North Carolina Children’s Photographer | Smiles to Keep You Warm

Marvin, North Carolina Children’s Photographer | Smiles to Keep You Warm

I love twinkling little eyes, especially from little boys that are just looking for a hint of trouble.  This little guy is just 3 years old, and is honestly such a sweet little man, but can you just see that glimmer in his eyes that he is looking for a little adventure?

I love the images of him, but also loved capturing this wonderful relationship between a big sister and her little brother.  Even with about 14 years between them, you can tell they are still best friends.  I loved watching them walk together down the road, and my heart just aches to think that she will be heading to college next year.  Time goes by so quickly, and she has grown into a wonderful young lady.

I hope these images will bring a little warmth, smiles and sunshine to your day.


Marvin, North Carolina Children's Photographer Carolyn Ann Ryan shares smiles to keep you warm

26 Jan

Charlotte, NC Photographer | You Can’t Win, If You Don’t Try

Charlotte, NC Photographer | You Can’t Win, If You Don’t Try

Last year, while I was attending WPPI in Las Vegas, Animoto was sponsoring the “Animoto Pro Success Story Contest”. All you had to do was swing by the booth and answer a few questions on video about how you use and why you love Animoto, and one person would be chosen to be featured in an Animoto ad.  I had been using Animoto to create slideshows for my clients for about one year, and they always did such an outstanding job helping to convey the emotions and story behind every session. In fact, it wasn’t uncommon for a Mom to tell me that it brought her to tears (or her parents, her husband, her neighbors, or her friends).

The contest itself sounded very cool, and although I figured a bunch of awesome and amazing photographers would be lining up for this opportunity, I decided to take a chance.  Who knows, right?  You definitely can’t win if you don’t at least try, and the opportunity sounded so exciting.

A few months later, I received a phone call from Animoto that I had been chosen to be featured in an ad that would run in Rangefinder and Professional Photograph magazines!  Are you kidding me?  Their ads so far have featured Kevin Kubota, Vicki Taufer, Scott Bourne, Jeff & Allison Rodgers and so many other wonderful people in the photography industry. And now I could count myself among them? Really?

It took time for me to believe it was really true.  We spent some time discussing the plan for the shoot and Animoto’s own Justin Camerer (photographer & software developer) agreed to do the session right in Animoto’s offices.  The tech geek in me (that spent 11 years doing software design) was really excited to visit Animoto’s offices and get to know their amazing team. In all honesty, if I still worked in Technology, I would want to work with these guys.

One of the things I love about Animoto isn’t just their awesome slideshows, but I love working with vendors that support photographers and provide education for our industry. And everyone I’ve met from Animoto has been incredible. Their slideshows have amazed my clients, and I still get so excited each time I click the button to produce a new slideshow.

I’m so excited to share a few images from the photo shoot and announce that the ad was published in Rangefinder and Professional Photographer magazine this January.  I’m so grateful to Animoto for this opportunity and can’t believe my name is listed in the drop-down on their site along with a ton of top photographers that I admire. Thank you!

Special thanks to Justin Camerer for the portraits and Lindsey Jones for hair/make-up. I loved working with both of you!

Charlotte, NC Photographer shares that you Can't Win, If You Don't Try

21 Jan

Fanwood, NJ Children’s Photographer | First Snow Day 2012

After last winter, it’s nice to be excited for snow once again.  This time is was just the perfect amount.  It was easy enough to clean up, but fun enough to let the kids play.

Believe it or not, this was our little guy’s first real time playing in the snow. He’s 2 1/2 years old now, and last year he was either sick for most of the snowstorms, or the snow was too deep to really allow him to go out and enjoy it.  That’s why I’m so excited to share these images, because he just loved playing with his Dad and big sister this morning.  He started out slow, but the smiles quickly turned to giggles as he played and tackled Daddy.

Our daughter had a brief timeout on the front steps for throwing a snowball down her brother’s neck.  As a parent, I hate these moments when we spoil the fun, but the photographer in me just had to capture it.  Honestly, I love the image, and she laughed later when she saw it. Don’t worry, it was a super short timeout and she quickly got back into the fun.  I turned to catch her sneakily tasting the snow and I loved the series of smiles and giggles.  Do you remember being 6 years old and eating handfuls of snow?

After a few more snowballs and smiles, it was time for me to put the camera away inside and really join in the fun – and yes we had a mini-snowball fight.

If you had snow this weekend, I hope you were able to enjoy it as much as we did.  Stay safe and enjoy this cozy weekend.

12 Jan

Marvin, NC Family and Children’s Photographer | From shy to smiles . . .

Marvin, NC Family and Children’s Photographer | From shy to smiles . . .

Not everyone starts out their session ready to go and have a great time.  And that’s completely ok.  When we started this session, this little man was shy and just wanted to be close to his Mom.  So, that’s what we captured.  We had plenty of time to get adorable and happy images, and we knew that our patience would win and help us get there.  I have seen him many times running around and having fun, so I knew it was only a matter of time.

But honestly, one of our favorite images from the session (both for his Mom and me), is from those shy moments.  I featured the images a few weeks back for Tiny Tuesday, and it’s included here again in black and white.  There is so much emotion in that one photograph.

And now I’m happy to share a few other images from the session to show the transformation from shy to smiles to outright giggles and laughter.  This sweet little boy kept me running the rest of the afternoon.


Marvin, NC Family and Children's Photographer shares photographs highlighting a child going from shy to smiles

03 Jan

Charlotte, North Carolina Children’s Photographer | Tiny Tuesday – Surprise! It’s 2012!

Charlotte, North Carolina Children’s Photographer | Tiny Tuesday – Surprise! It’s 2012!

Wow!  Where did the last year?  Do you find yourself saying that every January 1st?  I know I do.  Usually around June, it seems like time is moving at a normal pace, but then in a blink, it’s December.  And now, January.

The past year was an amazing one for me, and I still have a ton of sessions to add to the blog.  I’m so thankful and grateful to everyone that supported me this past year and helped me fulfill my dream of being a full-time photographer.  I have so many wonderful people in my life, and this would not have been possible without them.  Thank You.

And now, it’s Tiny Tuesday!  I thought this image was a perfect start to Tiny Tuesday for 2012. I think it captures how I feel right now, but it is also one of my favorite images from this past year.

Charlotte, North Carolina Children's Photographer Carolyn Ann Ryan discusses the back story behind a portrait

This image wasn’t planned.  It wasn’t posed. It just happened.  And honestly, it wasn’t until the image was captured in the camera that I saw any resemblance to a previous movie poster or childhood actor.

So, how did this happen?  It was during a break in the session.  The family was changing clothes and getting ready to head to another location, and this young man was taking a snack break in the kitchen.  But he was sitting at the counter, and I saw some beautiful window light coming into the room.  I originally asked if he could move to the table, so I could get a better shot.  But, he was comfortable at the counter. OK.  That’s fine.

I adjusted my camera settings for the location he was sitting and asked if I could take his picture.  He shook his head, and covered his entire face with his hands.  OK.  That’s fine.  Technically, it was his snack break.

But I didn’t want to give up.  I loved the light.  I loved his eyes.  With kids, you have to be patient and let them lead the way, but still help guide them to the shot you want.  So, I got the camera ready, focused and held still . . . waiting. He wasn’t moving those hands.  He sat at the counter holding his hands over his face for a few minutes, and I waited, ready to capture a glimpse of his face.  I’m not sure who was more stubborn at that moment. But I was having fun with this challenge.

“OK.”, I said.  “I guess it’s time for me to give up.  I’ll just have to put the camera away and get ready to head to the park.”

He was curious, and slowly took a peek by pulling his hands straight down.  But my camera had not moved and I was focused and ready to make my image.  I had a split second before he realized that I was still sitting there with camera in hand, and I got the shot before he was able to put his hands back over his eyes.

OK, so I was a little sneaky that day.  {I’m still giggling about it}.  But when I looked at the back of the camera, I just laughed to myself.   It wasn’t planned, but it was a fun moment to capture.

Enjoy! And Happy New Year and wishing you a wonderful 2012!